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This section of the magazine provides information and resources needed for farmers to be economically sustainable while operating in a manner that meets their commitment to the environment and society. Here we highlight sustainability initiatives undertaken to ensure we remain a strong competitor in the global marketplace.

The sustainability supply chain
By: Michael Buttenham
June/July 2017

OVER THE LAST SEVERAL YEARS, sustainability has become a word that governments, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), corporations, and Read More
Sustainability goals
By: Michael Buttenham
April/May 2017

MULTI-NATIONAL COMPANIES ARE building agricultural sustainability into their corporate social responsibility plans. After initially starting with Read More
A sustainable nutrient plan
By: Michael Buttenham
March 2017

4R ONTARIO HAS been created as an industry-led initiative working towards a science-based approach to improve nutrient use efficiency and reduce Read More
Advancing seed technology
By: Maegan MacKimmie
November 2016

“A CANADIAN?MADE SOLUTION” was the theme of Syngenta Canada Inc.’s Seedcare Institute grand opening at the Honeywood research facility in Read More
Caring for rented land
By: Mel Luymes
April/May 2016

IN ONTARIO, MORE than four million acres of farmland is rented, leased, or share-cropped, representing 35 per cent of total provincial farmland. Read More
Building a 4R strategy
By: Treena Hein
April/May 2016

TWO YEARS AGO, in 2014, Grain Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Agri-Business Association, and Fertilizer Canada began work on a 4R Nutrient Read More
Biosecurity for grain
By: Lois Harris
March 2016

WHILE MOST PRODUCERS recognize the importance of having good biosecurity plans and practices for livestock, biosecurity practices as they relate to Read More
Choose the right cover crops
By: Erin Calhoun
March 2016

THERE’S NO QUESTION that today’s farmers are innovative, adaptable, and always looking for new techniques and technologies to improve their farming Read More
Soil health under the microscope
By: Amy Petherick
February 2016

IT’S NO SECRET much more is known about what happens above ground than below the soil surface in agriculture. Now renewed focus on soil health Read More
Fuelling your fleet
By: Rachel Telford
November 2015

ADVANCEMENTS IN TECHNOLOGY  have increased the availability of alternative fuel sources, such as compressed natural gas, and at a competitive Read More
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