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*Authority ® 480 herbicide is a group 14 only. Authority ® Supreme herbicide is a group 14 & 15 product. Always read and follow label directions. Member of CropLife Canada. FMC and Authority are trademarks or service marks of FMC Corporation and/or an affiliate. ©2019 FMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 63121-12/18 WEED PREVENTION FROM THE GROUND UP Killing weeds on contact only gets you so far. In the battle against tough weeds, soybean growers can let their soil do the fighting. Authority ® herbicides, applied pre-plant or pre-emergence, create a powerful soil-based defense that weeds can’t get past. In fact, they’ll die trying. Go with Authority ® 480 herbicide for Group 14 broadleaf weed control. NEW Authority ® Supreme herbicide takes that broadleaf control to the next level and adds powerful Group 15 grassy weed control too. Authority ® herbicides from FMC. Soybeans grow, weeds don’t show. SOYBEANS PREVENTIVE GROUP 14, 15* FMCcrop.ca I 1-833-362-7722 @FMCAgCanada