Ontario Grain Farmer March 2020

DEAD. SIMPLE. Always read and follow label directions. Enforcer ® is a registered trademark of Nufarm Agriculture Inc. 67493-01/20 All-in-one, at your convenience, weed control. Knocks down your toughest weeds Including lamb’s-quarters, chickweed, common ragweed and cleavers (including Group 2- and glyphosate-resistant biotypes) Gentle on wheat and barley crops Manage leaf disease and fertility with several tank-mix options Convenient and flexible to use Spray when it works for you with a wide window of application and an all-in-one formulation Ask your local retailer for more information. 1.800.868.5444 | Nufarm.ca | NufarmCA Enforcer ® M herbicide is the best all-around broadleaf weed control in cereals, period .