Ontario Grain Farmer June/July 2021

Reduce over-application with ExactApply Technology, available on new 400 & 600 Series Sprayers and select 4-Series or R-Series Sprayers. Enabled by a more constant spray pressure, ExactApply delivers industry-exclusive 30x per second pulse width modulation for a more consistent droplet size at all speed ranges. With individual nozzle control from the cab, get application accuracy down to 38.1- or 50.8-cm spacing. Automatically vary the rate across the boom to reduce input costs and possible crop damage while assuring the right spray rate even as you turn. Compatible with John Deere precision ag tools, ExactApply ensures that every droplet is doing its job to help you gain ground in your operation. See what you have to gain : JohnDeere.ca/Ag And gain ground with ExactApply™ Nozzle Control Technology Upgrade. Lose Inconsistency. Gain Control.