Ontario Grain Farmer April/May 2024

Chesley 519-363-3192 Lucknow 519-529-7995 Walton 519-887-6365 Meaford 519-538-1660 Mount Forest 519-323-2755 Owen Sound 519-376-5880 GENTLE HANDLING. MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. brandt.ca Brandt’s 15LP+ and 20LP S-Drive Field GrainBelts allow you to move large quantities of grain quickly and gently. Whether it’s from a truck to an air cart or from a storage system to a transport truck, Brandt conveyors handle the job with ease. And, they’re purposebuilt to protect your seed investment and maintain grain quality, all while moving up to 12,000 bu/hr. The optimized intake and transition increases grain-flow efficiency to achieve peak performance in varying conditions. The double lip intake seal keeps your crop on the belt where it belongs, increasing product retention while loading. Brandt’s EZTRAK tensioning and tracking system keeps your belt aligned and properly tensioned at all times. And, the visual tension indicator makes it easy to see when adjustment is needed. Performance Boost Maximum Versatility Easy To Operate CALL OR TEXT US TODAY! S-Drive Field GrainBelts 11 ONTARIO GRAIN FARMER Farmers who want to introduce winter wheat into their rotation can sometimes face barriers to adoption, including the added costs of adapting current management systems, increased equipment demands, and short-term opportunity costs for growing winter wheat relative to higher-value crops. However, the increased profitability from diversifying a rotation, boosting yields of other row crops in that rotation, and improving the long-term health of the field and its soil can make winter wheat a profitable and sustainable choice. These benefits have been demonstrated through research led by Dr. Ken Janovicek, who found that adding wheat to a corn and soybean rotation in Elora and Ridgetown contributed to improving long-term productivity and net returns over time. OPTIMIZING PRODUCTIVITY AND SOIL HEALTH The Great Lakes Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) program allows farmers to develop customized approaches to optimize their winter wheat production and overcome barriers. Started in 2021, the Great Lakes YEN enables farmers across Ontario and the Great Lakes region of the United States to understand their winter wheat yield potential Planting winter wheat in crop rotations contributes to upholding soil health principles, including building soil organic matter, keeping soils covered, diversifying crops, and maintaining living roots. APRIL/MAY 2024 better and learn what factors specific to their field are limiting that potential. Programs such as the YEN are critical in demonstrating and communicating how innovation within production systems can support farmers in achieving their productivity goals and have positive soil health implications. To learn more about the Great Lakes YEN program, please visit www.greatlakesyen.com. Lisa Ashton, PhD, is the environment and sustainability lead, and Alexandra Dacey is the agronomy project coordinator at Grain Farmers of Ontario. •