Ontario Grain Farmer April/May 2024

cooks added the newly found recipes to their regular meals. Food videos are easy to remember and pack enough visually appealing action into a short clip for the audience’s short attention spans. Food has always been a starting point to reach Good in Every Grain’s online audience — and the audience outside of our followers. Recipes, food facts, and stories behind the grains used to make our favourite recipes are content that has resonated and connected with Ontario consumers. Armed with the above knowledge, we have partnered with chef influencers to create engaging, visually appealing videos with easy-to-follow grain-based recipes over the past year. During the holiday season, Good in Every Grain partnered with five Ontario-based influencers to create signature grain-inspired recipes and create awareness on its social platforms. As a result, the brand posted thirty posts and stories across its social platforms. This garnered over 300,000 in reach (total number of people who viewed the content), 29,000 engagements (commented, liked, reposted, etc.) and 450,000 video views. Good in Every Grain reached new audiences by working with these influencers to create short-form video content and introduce them to grain-based recipes.• 30 Good in Every Grain www.GoodinEveryGrain.ca SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS Did you know that the average Canadian spends about two hours a day on social media to stay connected and absorb, share, and distribute information? From snappy, well-written captions, aesthetically beautiful pictures, and dynamic video, consumers are driving engagement and content that organizations like Grain Farmers of Ontario have curated online. More recently, short-form videos have been growing in popularity. These are videos that are generally 60 seconds or less. They are quick to view, quick to consume, and highly engaging. Good in Every Grain has been using this tactic as part of its digital marketing strategy to provide trustworthy information about grains, food, and Ontario grain farmers to Ontario consumers. Across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, short-form videos are a key way for consumers to engage with content. And food and recipe short-form content is growing in popularity with audiences. For example, TikTok, the most-watched short-form video platform, has some impressive statistics when it comes to food and cooking. The hashtag #food has over 555 billion views, and 54 per cent of consumers are learning about food and cooking through TikTok. Furthermore, 81 per cent of home cooks reported cooking recipes they found on social media, and 97 per cent of those