Ontario Grain Farmer March 2024

REQUEST HERE: DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE GRAIN DISCOVERY ZONE? PLEASE CONTACT 519-831-9936 OR email graindiscovery@gfo.ca.• 30 Good in Every Grain www.GoodinEveryGrain.ca REQUEST THE GRAIN DISCOVERY ZONE Each year, Good in Every Grain engages with Ontario families, parents, students, and youth across Ontario at a variety of consumer-facing events. One tactic used is the popular Grain Discovery Zone, which travels across Ontario during the spring, summer, and fall months, attending fairs, festivals, and events. WHAT IS THE GRAIN DISCOVERY ZONE? The Grain Discovery Zone is an interactive exhibit that travels around Ontario, visiting fairs and other events to help consumers and youth learn about where grains are grown and the people who grow them. Visitors can experience Ontario grains in many interactive activities designed for children and families and explore the popular corn box with farm implement toys. Grain Farmers of Ontario’s Grain Discovery Zone Ambassador travels with the trailer to chat about grain farming and answer consumers’ questions about modern agriculture practices. And, youth can discover Ontario grain samples with sensory bowls filled with Ontario barley, corn, oats, soybeans, and wheat. It’s an exciting visual representation of the different grains grown in Ontario and their similarities (and differences!) before being used to make many foods and household items. REQUEST THE GRAIN DISCOVERY ZONE TO ATTEND YOUR EVENT! Since the spring of 2013, the GDZ has travelled to over 25 events a season, and this year is no different — requests for our 2024 Grain Discovery Zone Season are now open on our website until April 15, 2024!