Ontario Grain Farmer March 2024

Bringing together www.gocereals.ca, www.gocorn.net, www.gosoy.ca and www.gobeans.ca under a new, centralized website. Powered by Ontario’s crop committees, www.GoCrops.ca will serve as a one-stop source to access Ontario field crop variety and hybrid performance information. Introducing GoCrops.ca What can be found online: • Third-party variety and hybrid performance and agronomic data for major Ontario field crops • Head-to-head comparisons by year and growing area • Variety information • Disease testing results • Historical variety and hybrid performance and agronomic data • General crop committee information Unique website features: • An enhanced overall user experience for farmers and other website users • A simplified and streamlined resource to support seed selection decisions • A modern, updated and fresh appearance • Mobile friendly features • A consistent look and feel across all crop types GoCrops.ca was developed by the Ontario Cereal Crops Committee, Ontario Corn Committee, Ontario Pulse Crop Committee, and Ontario Soybean and Canola Committee, with funding support in part from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and Grain Farmers of Ontario.