Ontario Grain Farmer March 2024

7 ONTARIO GRAIN FARMER MARCH 2024 continued on page 8 ACROSS LAKE HURON Krohn’s farm is located in the “thumb” of Michigan, in Huron County — directly across the lake from Huron County, Ontario. The opportunity to network with and learn from some of the best wheat growers in the region was a big reason why Krohn initially wanted to get involved in the Great Lakes YEN program. “I see some of the best growers who grow wheat are in the YEN program; obviously, we grow pretty good wheat, but I wanted to grow better wheat,” says Krohn. “The collaboration with all of the other growers and the meetings with the growers, the summer tours that they have, are the best ways to talk and collaborate with the other good wheat growers in the same geographical areas.” Topping the leaderboard has not been one of his goals, he says. “I don’t see it as a yield competition,” he says. “It’s a contest to grow better wheat. To me, it’s about figuring out what is the next five bushels, what will get me to the next ten bushels.” After three years, he continues to learn more about his own wheat management and sees tremendous value in the reports that the YEN program provides. “The data that is in the YEN results, there is just so much there; you could spend days