About Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine

THE ONTARIO GRAIN FARMER magazine strives to be the number one source of information for our province’s grain farmers. With a balanced mix of production, marketing, technology, research, and general interest articles, we provide farmers with valuable information in an easy-to-read format.

As the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Grain Farmer is a magazine that is made by farmers, for farmers. The magazine is an important tool that supports the organization’s vision to drive the Ontario grain industry to become a global leader.

Rachel Telford, Managing Editor
Rachel Telford joined Grain Farmers of Ontario in May 2012, bringing her experience as a writer and assignment editor to the role of Managing Editor for the Ontario Grain Farmer. As the Managing Editor, Telford oversees all editorial content. She works with a team of freelance writers and agricultural experts to ensure each issue of the magazine includes sound agronomic advice, topics of interest to our farmer-members, and updates on important issues affecting the farming industry. Telford also works on other publications within the communications department at Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Kim Ratz, Production Coordinator
Kim Ratz handles all production aspects of the Ontario Grain Farmer from design to layout. With expertise in both Quark and InDesign, Ratz creates the clean lines and easy-to-read look of the magazine. She has been in this position since the magazine’s beginning in 2009 and prior to that, she worked on the layout and design of the Ontario Corn Producer. In addition to print production, Ratz is also responsible for branding, web production and graphic design for all other Grain Farmers of Ontario publications. Ratz’s creativity and her eye- for-detail make her a key member of the Ontario Grain Farmer team.

Meghan Burke, Manager, Communications, Grain Farmers of Ontario
As the Manager, Communciations for Grain Farmers of Ontario, Meghan Burke is an integral part of the Ontario Grain Farmer magazine. Burke provides editorial advice and ensures that the magazine complements other Grain Farmers of Ontario communications projects. Burke is also a contributor to the magazine providing a broader understanding of the organization and its activities for our farmer-members.

Phaedra McIntosh, Database Coordinator
Working on the larger Grain Farmers of Ontario database, Phaedra McIntosh is the woman behind the Ontario Grain Farmer’s impressive mailing list. McIntosh utilizes license fee collection data to build the mail list for the magazine. It is her job to ensure each barley, corn, oat, soybean and wheat farmer in Ontario receives the magazine.

Don Carruthers, Advertising Sales
With over 25 years of experience in the agricultural marketing industry, Don Carruthers is the key point of contact for advertisers interested in what the Ontario Grain Farmer magazine can offer their business. With creative ideas and a no-nonsense attitude, Carruthers has successfully helped grow the magazine from its fledgling status in 2009 to the best grain magazine in the province. Prior to his position with the Ontario Grain Farmer, Carruthers worked as the sales representative for the Ontario Corn Producer and other agricultural clients.

T Stone Mailing
Our mail house, Tstone Mailing, provides complete mailing services to anywhere in Canada and the United States. Their mailing services are innovative and fast and they have the best techniques and the right staff with the best industry practices available.

Precision Print Management
The Ontario Grain Farmer magazine utilizes the services of Precision Print Management to coordinate all of our printing needs. This includes ensuring the quality and timely delivery of the magazine itself along with any smaller insert printing projects that may be required for our advertisers. Printing is handled by a variety of trusted and experienced printers who utilize both sheet fed and digital presses. •

Contact Us

Ontario Grain Farmer is owned and operated by the Grain Farmers of Ontario.
Published by Grain Farmers of Ontario, 679 Southgate Drive, Guelph, ON  N1G 4S2.

Managing Editor
Rachel Telford
Phone: 519 837-9144

Production Coordinator
Kim Ratz
Phone: 519 767-4140

Advertising Sales and Media Kits
Don Carruthers
Phone: 519-927-5234
Mobile: 416-606-4902
Fax: 519-927-3333

Delivery of your magazine

Grain Farmers of Ontario staff have been working hard to ensure our mailing list is up to date. If you are receiving a magazine by mistake, receiving too many magazines or are not receiving one at all, please contact us and let us know.  Call us toll free at 1-800-265-0550 or email Phaedra McIntosh at pmcintosh@gfo.ca.