Ontario Grain Farmer March 2024

24 Industry News K639-077432-23-c2 Spring Grower Ad (EAST) Half Page Spread Every day new challenges, obstacles, roadblocks and uncertainties threaten your farm’s progress. That’s why you need solutions that work. You need agronomists that know the industry. You need answers. Because regardless of the unknowns, you always have to make a decision. Make the most with what you’ve been given by tapping into the nutrient enhancing technologies from Koch Agronomic Services proven to create a positive impact in your fertility program. Koch and the Koch logo are trademarks of Koch Industries, Inc. © 2024 Koch Agronomic Services, LLC. continued from page 23 Crosby Devitt, Grain Farmers of Ontario CEO, says Byrne has been a tremendous leader and strong voice for the industry. “Brendan always makes himself available whenever he’s needed,” says Devitt. “He has been a steadfast supporter of Ontario’s grain farmers and has worked hard to advance the interests of the grain and oilseed industry.” Victoria Berry, manager of communications, points to the Seaway strike as an example of Byrne’s exceptional communication skills and ability to break down the issues that affect farmers to bring consumers and politicians on board. “During the Seaway strike, Brendan was making videos from his combine and doing interviews with provincial and national media to explain how the strike would impact the movement of grain and the livelihood of Ontario farmers,” she says. “He played an important role in framing the conversation in a way that brought grain farming to the forefront of the discussion.” While there have been varying levels of success in each of the issues the organization has faced over the past three years, Byrne says he is proud of how the Board has responded and the work BRENDAN BYRNE WITH FORMER MINISTER OF AGRICULTURE AND AGRI-FOOD, MARIE-CLAUDE BIBEAU AND SENATOR ROB BLACK.