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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

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Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees announced
The Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame Association has announced it will induct four leaders into the Hall of Fame Gallery at Country Heritage Park in Milton on Sunday, June 8, 2014. 


Inductees for 2014 are:

George W. Arnold — often referred to as the “Dean of Agricultural Banking” as his banking career led to his playing a pivotal role in developing and implementing several new innovations in farm lending and financial management. (2014 Sponsored by the Royal Bank of Canada)

Art Bolton — became a “Select” pedigreed seed producer in 1966. Since then, he has steadily built his reputation as an expert in the complexities of the regulations and procedures for growing and processing seed crops, and as a visionary in the accreditation and development of the seed industry in Ontario and Canada. (2014 Sponsored by the Ontario Seed Growers Association)

Robert Hutton — was a leader in Ontario’s fertilizer industry at a time when it needed to position itself to compete on the global stage. Ontario agriculture and the fertilizer sector have been left a substantial legacy by Hutton, ranging from infrastructure development, to international marketing opportunities, and to a very successful agribusiness model. (2014 Sponsored by the Agronomy Company of Canada Ltd.)

Gordon Surgeoner — has made extensive, significant and ongoing contributions to Ontario’s agri-food sector. He has championed new technologies to improve health, the environment, the growth of new business, as well as new opportunities in the farming sector. (2014 Sponsored by Terry Daynard and Grain Farmers of Ontario).

You can read more about the inductees at:

Canadian Agricultural Safety Association receives funding
A five-year investment of up to $3.4 million to the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) to advance safety on Canadian farms has been announced by the Federal government. CASA will use this funding for their goal of supporting the safety of Canadian farmers, their families and their workers, through the development and promotion of farm safety standards.

CASA’s activities also contribute to the competitiveness and profitability of farms by providing tools to help producers manage safety risks that can lead to financial loss. CASA co-ordinates, develops, and leads national initiatives to help farmers, their families, and workers recognize and manage safety risks.

This funding is provided under the Fostering Business Development stream of Agri-Competitiveness — a $114 million program under Growing Forward 2 which aims to strengthen the agriculture sector’s ability to adapt and compete in Canadian and global markets.

Lumax EZ herbicide
Syngenta Canada Inc. has announced the registration of Lumax® EZ herbicide, the newest addition to its Foundation Acre® Corn portfolio of products. With an all-in-one formulation, Lumax EZ is the first of its kind in the Canadian corn herbicide market, providing season-long weed control with the convenience of one or two pass options.

“Lumax EZ herbicide is an exciting addition to our market-leading Foundation Acre Corn products,” said Eric Phillips, Product Lead, Fungicides and Corn Herbicides at Syngenta. “Research has shown that removing weeds before emergence increases yield potential in corn. Now that can be achieved with the convenience of an all-in-one formulation.”

As a combination of Group 5, 15 and 27 herbicides, Lumax EZ features the same active ingredients found in Primextra® II Magnum®, Aatrex® and Callisto®, which allow for a one- or two-pass system. The product targets a long list of annual grass and broadleaf weeds to ensure control during the critical weed-free period.

In addition, Lumax EZ offers treatment flexibility and improved yield potential with an extended application window. It may be applied to pre-emergent field corn, production seed corn and sweet corn, and as an early post-emergent treatment on field corn.

“Lumax EZ is another example of the commitment Syngenta has made to assist corn growers across the country grow their best crop. By continually innovating and expanding our product offerings, we improve efficiency, yield trajectory and profitability for growers. We’re proud of these achievements, and will continue to develop solutions to advance farm operations,” concluded Phillips.

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