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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

Future of Grain


New feed mill in Maxville operational
The MacEwan Grain Inc. feed mill in Maxville became operational last month. According to the company, the new mill has more than double the capacity of the St. Isidore mill it is replacing. The mill is situated on a main rail line and has its own private rail siding to streamline the cost-effective shipping and receiving of both grain and fertilizer. 


“Farmers face ever-growing regulatory demands for tracking and traceability,” says MacEwen. “Our new HACCP-compliant facility will provide the peace of mind our customers are looking for.”

The mill features a variety of new technology including an exclusive heat treatment that improves feed digestibility, a screening system that provides uniform particle sizes and advanced liquid application technology that ensures accurate addition of liquids such as molasses, fats and enzymes. •

John Deere expands Grimsby distribution centre
John Deere recently announced the official opening of the 96,000 square foot addition to its Eastern Canadian Regional Parts Distribution Centre in Grimsby. This location is the primary parts distribution centre to 479 American dealerships and 191 Canadian dealerships and it employs 115 people.

“The warehouse expansion also was coupled with changes to our parts logistics network,” says Chris Ficzere, manager of Canadian Parts Distribution for John Deere. “Our dealer network now has the ability to provide customers with emergency parts order service that in almost all cases can provide next day delivery before 8 a.m. This new service further demonstrates John Deere’s focus on keeping our customers on the job or in the field.”

Prowl H2O registered for soybeans
Prowl H2O from BASF recently received registration from the Pest Management Regulatory Agency for use on soybeans. 

Under the new registration, the product can be applied pre-plant in combination with glyphosate to manage grasses and select broadleaf weeds in both IP and glyphosate tolerant soybeans. 

According to the company, Prowl H2O provides residual activity on tough weeds such as crabgrass, green foxtail and  lamb’s-quarters. It is also a fit on coarse, sandy soils where it can bind itself to the soil particles to stay where it’s needed most. 

Two additional registrations were received for tank-mix combinations on glyphosate tolerant corn including Prowl H2O with glyphosate and Prowl H2O with Marksman and glyphosate. 

Both label registrations are for post-emergence applications at the one- to four-leaf stage of corn to manage  barnyard grass, crabgrass, green foxtail, lamb’s-quarters and redroot pigweed. •

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