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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

GFO Newsletter for November 2012


Crop Quality and Crop Utilization Research Insert
Packaged with this issue of the magazine you may have noticed the Grain Farmers of Ontario research insert on Crop Quality and Crop Utilization. A electronic copy can be viewed at


This is the latest installment of our Research Guide which this year has been separated into sections based on the Agronomy, Insects and Diseases, Crop Quality and Crop Utilization, and Breeding and Genetics research priority areas of Grain Farmers of Ontario. Each section will be published with a separate Ontario Grain Farmer magazine issue throughout the year when it is most applicable.

The Crop Quality and Crop Utilization issue highlights our top research projects in this area and reports results gathered thus far, focusing most on the results that have an on-farm application.

Be sure to collect all four research inserts. Look for the Breeding and Genetics insert with the March issue. Electronic versions are posted to as they become available.

Don Kenny appointed to National Agri-Innovators’ Committee
Grain Farmers of Ontario congratulates founding chair and director Don Kenny on his appointment by Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz to the federal government’s Agri-Innovators’ Committee to provide expert advice on agricultural research and development.

The role of the committee is to provide advice to the Minister of Agriculture on agricultural innovation. It will run in parallel to other national agricultural committees structured to provide feedback on industry issues like the National Program Advisory Committee (NPAC) for business risk management programs.

Kenny is looking forward to the opportunity to represent grain farmers from Ontario on this national committee and plans to voice the needs and concerns of our producers when it comes to innovations in research and market development.

According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the committee will be comprised of representatives from across Canada and an array of agricultural sectors, and draw upon a broad range of expertise and skills to facilitate greater government-industry-academia collaboration.

AGM Videos Live on YouTube
If you missed the Grain Farmers of Ontario 2012 Annual General Meeting, video footage of the meeting is now live on our YouTube Channel –

Videos include:

•    Chairman’s Address
•    CEO Report
•    Financial Report
•    VP Operations Report
•    VP Strategic Development Report
•    Keynote Speaker: Andrew Bell

Don’t miss your last chance to see Grains in your Life!
Grain Farmers of Ontario is putting the final touches on some great new features of the Grains in Your Life exhibit to be showcased at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair November 2-11, 2012.

For greater impact and learning opportunities, artificial corn, soybean, and wheat plants have been constructed at four different life stages. This will give urbanites a chance to get a quick and easy understanding of the growth cycles for each crop.

A conveyor belt with video footage of processing plants and samples of elements extracted and made from grain crops will introduce the concept of bioproducts to visitors. They will then proceed to explore and interact with many bioproducts as they move through the kitchen and living room vignettes.

The final area is a very exciting garage space sponsored by GreenField Ethanol. New to the garage is a mock fuel pump with ethanol and biodiesel facts and stats and a custom biocar made with numerous grain elements. These car parts will be specially painted so visitors can explore the car using blacklights and detect the grain components.

This will be the third, and final, year Grains in Your Life will be showcased at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. With all these exciting new features you won’t want to miss your last chance to visit the exhibit. Grains in Your Life will be on display for the duration of the fair and will be located in Hall C near the Bull Pen Saloon.

Keeping Treated Seed Out of Grain
Farmers are encouraged to adopt practices that ensure treated seed (or its residues) does not contaminate grain deliveries. Elevators must maintain a zero tolerance because of the demands of processors and export markets.

Grain Farmers of Ontario, the Ontario Agri Business Association and the Canadian Seed Trade Association have an established treated seed check list that outlines standard and enhanced protocols that producers should use.

This includes:
1.    Equipment selection – wagons and trucks should be easy to clean and inspected regularly
2.    Bulk seed loading – equipment should be labelled and easily identified for this use
3.    Cleanout wagons and trucks – check for trapped seed, sweep, blow out, pressure wash
4.    Cleanout augers – flush immediately after planting season
5.    Documentation – keep accurate records
6.    Third party conveyances – it’s the producers responsibility to ensure the truck is clean

You can view the full checklist at:

Annual District Meetings
Your 2013 annual District Grain Farmers of Ontario meetings have been called.  The meetings are called to receive reports and elect the District Voting Delegates and Grain Farmers of Ontario Directors for the coming year and also to conduct such other business as may properly come before the annual meeting.  Please note the date and location of your local meeting and plan to attend.  All corn, soybean and wheat producers are welcome.

To view the whole schedule, visit •


In this issue:

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