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Who are you following?

Farmers are using Twitter to stay connected and up to date with industry news. Each month, Ontario Grain Farmer magazine will highlight Twitter accounts we think you should consider following or hashtags (#) that will help you join specific conversations.

Spirits Canada is an important end-user organization that Grain Farmers of Ontario is thrilled to partner with. We encourage all farmer-members to learn about Ontario’s spirits industry.

Use the hashtag #Plant16 to join the conversation about this year’s planting season. It’s a great way to learn what challenges other growers across the province are facing and follow the progress being made in the fields.

The Digital Toolbox
The smartphone, tablet and computer are important tools on today’s farms. Each month, Ontario Grain Farmer magazine will highlight an app, online tool, or website that may help you in the field or in the farm office.

Reminder: Update your web browser!
For some of us, it goes without saying that it is important to update your web browser. If you don’t spend a lot of time online, though, it’s easy to forget. A lot of users don’t realize how important it is to keep your browser updated, whether you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or other free browser programs, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Just remember: whenever you’re logged into the Internet, your computer is virtually connected to thousands of other machines. Software companies frequently update their programs to address bugs, glitches, and especially security issues. If you’re using out of date software, you’re not protected.

In Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon (“Settings”) in the top-right corner and select “About Internet Explorer”. Select “Install new versions automatically” and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

You can also make sure Mozilla Firefox stays automatically updated the same way. In Firefox, click on the three bars icon in the top right (Menu) and click on the gear icon (“Settings”). Navigate to the “Advanced” tab on the left side of the page and select “Automatically install updates (recommended: improved security)”.

Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari app will automatically update themselves whenever there is a patch or new version. You can still make sure you have the most recent version by checking the “Settings” menu in either program.

Keeping your browser updated is not only good for the security of your device and your personal information — it also makes web sites run smoother and faster (including www.gfo.ca and ontariograinfarmer.ca).

Browser installation files are also generally tiny — even on a dial-up connection it should just take a few minutes. And since updating your software really is as easy as clicking a button, there’s no reason not to stay up to date.

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