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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

Future of Grain


John Deere mobile weather
Farmers need to know more than just the weather forecast; they need real-time data to help them make crop management decisions in the field. John Deere’s mobile weather uses a third party sensor connected to the Application Controller 1120 to display real-time weather information on the GreenStar 2 and GreenStar 3 displays.


The system measures wind speed and direction, temperature and relative humidity. It shows the true wind speed even while moving. The display also visually indicates the effectiveness of the product application through Delta T which measures product evaporation levels.

The system allows a sprayer operator to make in-cab product application decisions based on their site-specific conditions; and they don’t have to rely on hand held devices or make multiple stops to manually check and record weather conditions when applying a product. The system can also be programmed to warn an operator when weather conditions are outside of preset parameters for optimal spraying.

John Deere mobile weather can be mounted on model 4940, 4930, 4830 and 4730 self-propelled sprayers with GreenStar displays. The GreenStar 3 2630 display is capable of recording the weather data so that it can be transferred to other third party farm management software for analysis and record keeping.

Website links farmers and businesses has been redesigned to make it easier for buyers and growers of Ontario food to connect with each other.

The new website allows local food buyers and growers to search for products, announce the availability of seasonal products, and post contract opportunities by using a sophisticated search function. The website is also a source for industry information and stories from local food champions.

Launched as a beta site in November 2011, now has more than 1,200 registered industry professionals. Members on the site include hospitals and other public institutions serving millions of meals each year. In addition, some of the largest food service operators and distributors in North America like Dana Hospitality and Gordon Food Services are utilizing the site to make business connections, along with innovative food processors and farms of all sizes and commodities.

In a survey conducted among members earlier this year, 20% of respondents had made connections and half of those reported sales resulting directly from the website.

Who are you following?
Farmers are using Twitter to stay connected with each other and stay up to date with industry news. Each month, Ontario Grain Farmer magazine will highlight two Twitter accounts we think you should consider following.

Students Promoting Awareness of Research Knowledge is a group dedicated to sharing the latest in research developments at the University of Guelph. Their Twitter feed highlights interesting projects and links to articles and videos about those projects. They also communicate with the public through written articles in magazines, radio episodes, and online videos.

Dr. David Hooker, PhD is a field crop agronomist and assistant professor at the University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. Hooker regularly posts updates on crop conditions and answers questions from farmers. He has close to a thousand followers including other agronomists, farmers, and agriculture industry representatives.  •


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