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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

GFO Newsletter for January 2013


Notice of Annual District Meetings
For the complete schedule of meetings click here
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Market Development Insert
The market development department of Grain Farmers of Ontario works to achieve steady growth by expanding existing and premium markets for our production through our market development program, our wheat marketing program and encouraging novel new uses for Ontario grain.

The initiatives undertaken in 2012 helped reach this objective by providing over $97,000 in funding as part of our Market Development Investment program working with six different companies from across Ontario utilizing Ontario grains in their products. Increased opportunities for the export of Ontario soybeans also occurred through the many activities undertaken under the Canadian Soybean Council banner.

The insert highlights many of the market development activities that took place in 2012. To download a copy or view it online, click here

2013 Faces of Farming Calendar Now Available!
This year’s Faces of Farming calendar, produced by Farm & Food Care Ontario, features the theme ‘Real Farmers with Real Heart’. It’s designed to introduce the public to a few of the province’s passionate and hardworking farmers.

New this year, a QR code can be found on each page which will direct link to YouTube video interviews with each of the farmers. The calendar is available at TSC stores across Ontario or from

Be sure to check out October, that’s where you’ll find the farmer profile sponsored by Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Congratulations to Peter Sikkema
At the November Canadian Weed Science Society annual conference in Winnipeg, the Fellow Award was presented to Dr. Peter Sikkema of University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus. Sikkema was selected by his peers for his significant contribution to weed science and to the Society throughout his career. Sikkema’s research program is highly productive and he develops applied, on-farm solutions to challenges farmers face. He also publishes his research extensively and communicates with farmers frequently through presentations, interviews and farm-press articles. Grain Farmers of Ontario would like to congratulate Sikkema on the Fellow Award, and thank him for his commitment to weed science and Ontario’s farmers.

Early Interim Payment for Pool Program
Grain Farmers of Ontario was pleased to provide an early interim payment for wheat that was marketed though the pool program. In line with adapting the pool program with new offerings, an early interim payment was made to all pool participants in November. 

The following table shows the initial payment as well as the November interim payment.

Initial Payment     Interim
Wheat Class                                   at Delivery      Payment
Pool A (SWW) -Soft White Winter      $140.00        $60.00
Pool B (HRW) – Hard Red Winter        $145.00        $25.00
Pool C (HRS) – Hard Red Spring          $158.00        $30.00
Pool E (SRW) –Soft Red Winter          $135.00        $35.00
Pool F –Common Red                        $135.00        $35.00
Pool G – Wheat Graded Feed             $108.00        $60.00
Note: all payments are in metric tonnes and based on delivery to a landed basis point.

The January interim payment and summer final payment are anticipated as well. Pool participants with questions are encouraged to call the Wheat Marketing Department at 1-800-265-0550.

Call for Proposals
Grain Farmers of Ontario is welcoming the submission of proposals for research conducted in corn, soybeans or wheat for funding in 2013.

Grain Farmers of Ontario targets research and innovation funding to opportunities that will enhance farmer members’ returns. For this funding period, key areas of interest include: Agronomy & Production, Insects & Diseases, Crop Utilization and Crop Quality. The deadline for submissions is Monday, January 14 at 8:00am.

Plant breeding and genetics research proposals have been diverted through the Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance, of which Grain Farmers of Ontario is a founding member. Plant breeders are also welcome to contact Grain Farmers of Ontario with any questions or project ideas in these areas. To prepare a submission, please review the Grain Farmers of Ontario 2013 Research Priorities document and Guideline for Research Proposals at: All proposals will be reviewed by the Grain Farmers of Ontario Research Committee and Board of Directors.

2013 March Classic
March 18, 2013
London Convention Centre

The March Classic is the largest grain-focused conference in Eastern Canada drawing upwards of 500 attendees from government, industry, and farms across Ontario.

Building on the huge success of the 2012 conference, Grain Farmers of Ontario has developed an even bigger and better event for 2013 with speakers discussing issues of trade, world markets  and new opportunities. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

For more information and to register for the conference, visit and click Register. Pre-register by January 15th to be entered in the first early bird draw for a bottle of Collingwood whisky and a $25 preferred price gas card.

To book a hotel room at the Hilton call 519 439-1661 and reference group code GFI. Online booking is also available at Y/YXULOHF-GFI-20130317/index.jhtml .

Planning for the Future
Grain Farmers of Ontario wants our members’ opinion on four distinct future scenarios the agricultural industry could experience by the year 2032. We hope to better understand where farmers today see themselves in 20 years and determine how as an organization we can better position ourselves for success.

The scenarios outline different possible futures along with what we estimate to be the most plausible outcomes. These scenarios for the future will fall under different categories or “drivers of change” identified by the board, staff and representatives from the industry – topics include: technology, the urban/rural relationship, immigration, global demand and the global economy, public expectations of sustainability and the environment, changing consumer wants and needs, public policy and regulations and innovation.

Grain Farmers of Ontario appreciates farmer support and participation in filling out the survey. To access the survey visit, GFOscenarioplanning.htm using the password “future” to complete the survey or phone the Grain Farmers of Ontario office at 1-800-265-0550 to request a copy be mailed to you.

Interim results will be discussed at the Grain Farmers of Ontario January district meetings where we also plan for further discussion and input.

Leadership Skills
Three Grain Farmers of Ontario representatives – Henry Van Ankum, Mark Huston and Erin Fletcher – attended the Cultivate program at The Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University this fall.  The program builds on strategic leadership skills to best prepare participants for an exciting future in the agricultural industry. 

The course took participants through a number of case studies and skill development exercises that challenged their approach to leadership and team building.  The course also provided new methods to consider when problem solving and setting strategic direction. Overall, the program was a success and all three participants recommend it to farm business leaders and those involved in setting direction for organizations when it is offered again next fall.


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