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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

GFO Newsletter for October 2013


Market Development Insert
Included in this issue you will find the Market Development insert. This is a review of some of the activities and products that the Market Development team at Grain Farmers of Ontario has been involved in over the past year. If you have any questions or would like more information about the items mentioned in the insert, please contact Nicole Mackellar, Market Development Coordinator, at Visit for a pdf of the insert 


Grain Farmers of Ontario AGM discusses finances
Grain Farmers of Ontario held their Annual General meeting on September 9 in Woodstock, Ontario. The meeting included a full review of the financials for the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The financial statements are included in this edition of the GFO Newsletter beginning on page 29. Electronic versions can be found at You can also request a copy of Grain Farmers of Ontario’s Annual Report, which includes an update on all activities undertaken by the organization over the past year, by contacting the office at 1-800-265-0550.

Grain Farmers of Ontario joins the Healthy Grains Institute
Grain Farmers of Ontario is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Healthy Grains Institute to expand our engagement on the nutritional benefits of Canadian grains.

The Healthy Grains Institute was launched in 2012 as an authoritative group of leading Canadian scientists and health practitioners to provide science-based information to Canadians about the benefits of whole grains.

The objective of the institute aligns with our market access initiatives by tackling the misconceptions about grain-based foods in a scientific fashion. Working with scientific advisors and registered dieticians across Canada will give us unprecedented insight to the perceptions of grains, while also understanding the nutritional benefits. The institute has determined many areas where public perception and scientific information diverge. Continuing investigation and monitoring of these conceptions is critical to understanding market challenges and opportunities.

You can read more about the Healthy Grains Institute and the work they are doing to combat misinformation about grains in the article entitled “In defence of wheat”.

New Resident Chef
Grain Farmers of Ontario is excited to launch a partnership with Top Chef Canada finalist Jonathan Goodyear. Chef Jonathan will represent the province’s corn, soybean and wheat producers in his new role as Grain Farmers of Ontario’s Resident Chef.

Born and raised in Ontario, Jonathan has a true appreciation for using home-grown ingredients and supporting our local farmers. In 2013, Jonathan took on the challenge of competing on Top Chef Canada, making it all the way to the grand finale.  Presently, Jonathan is the Executive Chef at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club where he oversees an extraordinary team and seven exemplary restaurants in the Toronto area

During an eight-month agreement, Chef Jonathan will be sharing original grain dishes during television segments and at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair he will be demonstrating simple, yet delicious recipes for every occasion.

To learn more about Chef Jonathan and his new role with Grain Farmers of Ontario, check out the Growing Rural Connections blog post:

2012 Pool Returns
Final payments were made at the end of August to participants of the Grain Farmers of Ontario Wheat Pool for the 2012 crop year. Below is the final payment amount as well as the total payment made to pool participants for each class of wheat.

Pool    Final Payment    Total Payment
A  (SWW)    $39.45       $324.45
B  (HRW)     $53.55       $281.56
C  (HRS)      $52.83       $312.21
E  (SRW)     $50.96       $285.96
G (Feed)      $54.82      $289.82

Market Commentary for October 2013
Market action into September reflected the emergence of a “flash drought” in the US farm belt.  The biggest crop ever sizzled a bit late into the season with soybeans taking the brunt of the yield hit.  Hot dry conditions always hurt soybeans in the critical pod-filling period of August/September.  Soybeans went from $11/.83 on August 12th to $14.08 September 3rd.  Corn and wheat were  brought up to some extent with soybeans.

As we move toward October, USDA reports on September 12th and October 11th will serve as flashpoints for violent futures market action.  Acreage numbers, readjustments and crop size are all in the mix.  The US crop is big but is getting smaller. The big question is by how much?

2014 District Annual Meetings
Your 2014 annual District Grain Farmers of Ontario meetings have been called.  The meetings are called to receive reports and elect the District Voting Delegates and Grain Farmers of Ontario Directors for the coming year and also to conduct such other business as may properly come before the annual meeting.  Please note the date and location of your local meeting and plan to attend.  All corn, soybean and wheat producers are welcome. A full schedule can be found at



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