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Soybean growers in Ontario and Quebec will soon have a new herbicide-tolerant soybean production system with the introduction of LibertyLink soybeans. Similar to LibertyLink corn and InVigor® canola, LibertyLink soybean varieties contain built-in resistance to Liberty® herbicide.

“LibertyLink soybeans have been in the pipeline for more than 10 years and have been refined to the point where there is no yield drag associated with the trait,” says Greig Zamecnik, Director, Row Crop and Horticulture with Bayer CropScience.

According to Bayer CropScience, Liberty herbicide delivers control of grassy and broadleaf weeds in all LibertyLink crops. It is the only Group 10 herbicide on the market and offers growers a competitive herbicide resistance management tool, says the company.

A limited supply of LibertyLink soybean varieties will be available for 2010, and growers should contact their seed supplier for information on specific varieties.

A new cornhead specifically designed for field corn producers is now available from Oxbo International. The Soft Touch™ technology uses exclusive six-bladed tapered intermeshing knife rolls to cut the ears of corn from the stalk. The knife rolls are engineered to gently and precisely cut the ear from the stalk, reducing header loss. According to the company, the technology is designed to make harvest easier in all conditions, including down corn and low ears.

“The Oxbo 50 Series cornhead is specifically designed for high productivity harvesting,” says Mike Miller, Oxbo Marketing Manager. “Our exclusive Soft Touch technology cuts ears off cleaner, our constantly centered, beveled stripper plates reduce butt shelling, and the rubber gathering belts convey the ear in a more gentle fashion than traditional cornheads. Our process is definitely ‘easier on the ears’ than competitive offerings, resulting in less header loss during harvest. And, reduced kernel loss and less trash entering the combine means a more efficient harvest for the grower.”

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