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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

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Government investment in Canadian wheat
The federal government has announced that Neo Ventures Biotechnology Inc., will receive $106,222 to help bring to market their innovative Targeted Chiasma (TouCH) Platform technology.


This new tool will allow growers to improve the quality and consistency of protein, oil, and other traits in grain with a topical application to the crop at flowering time. The technology will improve the consistency of the grain by minimizing the environmental influences on the production of the proteins responsible for good baking quality. By offering processors wheat with the right protein consistency, Canadian wheat growers could net a premium of over $22 million annually from domestic market alone. As an alternative to genetic crop modification, this technology could open new premium markets for Canadian wheat around the world.   

This investment is being made under the Agricultural Innovation Program (AIP). The program boosts the development and commercialization of innovative new products, technologies, and processes for the agricultural sector. For more information about this and other Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada programs go to

Government investment in soybean research
More than $800,000 will be invested by the federal government to help the soybean industry develop varieties that match the tastes and demands of the Japanese consumer.

The Eastern Canada Oilseeds Development Alliance (ECODA) will test soybean varieties and related soy products for their individual taste, texture, odour and appearance to find the variety that best matches the demands of the Japanese marketplace. Plant breeders, genomic and bioscience researchers, growers and customers will all be involved in the evaluations. This screening system will identify the biochemical compounds in soybeans that give soy products their distinct taste and texture, and will link this back to soybean breeding work.

“ECODA focuses on research that involves supply chain partners and projects that have a direct link to the marketplace,” said Rory Francis, President of ECODA. “Commercialization of research results will ensure that producers and processors see the return on their $269,000 research investment in this project.”

ECODA brings together partners from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. The partners include Sevita International (Inkerman, Ontario and Belle River, PEI), TRT-ETGO du Québec (Bécancour, Québec) the Atlantic Grains Council, and the Prince Edward Island AgriAlliance. ECODA’s mission is to coordinate the efforts of producers, processors, exporters, researchers, and government organizations in increasing the economic value and impact of the oilseed sector in eastern Canada.


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