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Future of grain

Future of Grain

HIGHLIGHTING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN GRAIN PRODUCTION AND UTILIZATION Monitoring soil moisture With water management becoming an increasingly important factor in crop production, John Deere has introduced John Deere Field Connect to provide site specific [Read more]

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Christmas traditions

CELEBRATING THE HOLIDAYS AS A FARM FAMILY christmas is the holiday for traditions. Growing up, our family had a number of them – like leaving milk and cookies out for Santa, hanging stockings and attending [Read more]

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Certified seed

AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE “GROWERS?IN?ONTARIO are making record profits this year, and it’s time to reinvest in genetics,” says Peter Johnson, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs wheat program lead. “Some growers [Read more]

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Research roundup

FIND OUT WHAT’S NEW IN THE WORLD OF RESEARCH Testing a new, renewable fertilizer source Katharine Tuerke Anaerobic digesters turn biodegradable waste collected from farms, factories and cities into a valuable source of renewable energy. [Read more]


Cropside: Double cropping remains risky


AN EARLY WINTER wheat harvest this summer and high soybean prices fueled considerable interest in double cropping soybeans. More soybeans were double cropped in 2012 than in recent memory. Success was variable to say the [Read more]

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Visitors welcome

OPENING THE FARM FOR AGRI-TOURISM the first step to launching an agri-tourism business is realizing the general public is going to want to visit during the nicest times of the year, which will likely coincide [Read more]