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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

Future of Grain


Dow AgroSciences acquires Hyland Seeds
DowAgroSciences Canada recently announced that it is acquiring the assets of Hyland Seeds, a division of Thompsons Limited of Blenheim, Ontario. The assets of Hyland Seeds will further expand Dow AgroSciences’ current seed business. Under the terms of the agreement, DowAgroscience will acquire the Hyland brand and the sales, marketing and administration areas. The acquisition also includes germplams, the research and development program including all three research sites and the corn production facility. DowAgrosciences will continue to independently market seeds under the Hyland Seeds brand and Hyland will continue to be headquartered in Blenheim, Ontario with the existing management team.


“This acquisition brings together two strong progressive companies with unique strengths and leadership to deliver seed and trait technology to our customers,” said Jim Wispinski, Dow AgroSciences Canada president and CEO.

John Cowan, General Manager of Hyland Seeds is optimistic about the acquisition. “This new alignment with Dow AgroSciences connects Hyland with a respected global leader and allows us to further strengthen our commitment to bring top genetics and traits to our customers. This alignment is good news for everyone – our customers, our employees and our business,” says Cowan. •

High-oleic soybeans
A new high-oleic soybean trait will be on the market soon as Pioneer Hi-Bred recently received Canadian regulatory approval for their new soybean trait. Plenish, the brand name for the new high oleic soybean oil trait, will be introduced in Pioneer brand soybean varieties. Limited introduction in Ontario in 2010 is being explored by Pioneer pending the necessary arrangements with end users.

High oleic soybean oil is an attractive option for food companies as it provides nutritionally enhanced oil and meets the needs and demand for a soy-based trans fat solution says the company. The oil is also a good option because of the existing production infrastructure for soybeans and soybean oil.

Tests run by the company in 2007 and 2008 show that Plenish high oleic soybean oil contains about 80 percent oleic acid, the highest oleic content in soybeans under commercial development. The high levels of oleic acid significantly increase the stability of the oil when used in frying and food processing applications. According to Pioneer, Plenish high oleic soybean oil also will provide flexibility to be used alone or in combination with other oils to optimize cost, functionality and taste. •


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