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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

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Savvy Farmer offers free version of software
Guelph-based The Savvy Farmer Inc. on Tuesday announced the launch of Savvy Farmer lite, a free version of its popular Savvy Farmer software.


The “lite” version allows growers and other pest control professionals fast access to pest control information including:

• listings of all products that control any weed, insect, disease, or nuisance animal problem in over 750 crops including field crops, fruits and vegetables
• product rates of application
• all product labels, including co-packs and newly registered products
• identification photos of over 1,000 pests, including weeds, insects, and diseases

This new service “was created in response to farmers who want quick and easy access to pest control information but do not feel they need the added features found within the full Savvy Farmer paid software,”  Savvy Farmer president Warren Libby said in a release.

“While Savvy Farmer lite contains fewer features than the Advanced version, we believe many farmers will find it an extremely convenient tool that they will refer to often. Since there is no subscription required, users can bookmark the site on their computer or tablet and use it as often as they want, free of charge.”

The free service operates as a cloud-based application; therefore its data can be updated every day. “It’s a rare day that there isn’t new information to add to Savvy Farmer… and we work hard to be the most complete and current source of pest control information in Canada,”
said Libby. 

These versions of Savvy Farmer offer deeper information on treatments including all tank-mixes, advanced tools to customize treatments, additional information, mobile access, and electronic record-keeping capability. First launched in 2011, Savvy Farmer is already trusted by farmers, agricultural retailers, custom applicators, agronomists, and government across Canada as the #1 source of unbiased pest control information.

Savvy Farmer lite can be accessed at while information on all the Savvy Farmer softwares can be found at •

Historic grain handling film now online
To celebrate the Canadian Grain Commission’s 100th anniversary, it has joined with the National Film Board (NFB) to make “Grain Handling in Canada” available online.  The film itself is housed on the National Film Board’s website with a link on the Canadian Grain Commission’s 1951-1960 timeline.

The color film is 23 minutes in length and follows grain from harvest to export, describing the role of the Board of Grain Commissioners.

Elwin Hermanson, Chief Grain Commissioner says ‘People will enjoy seeing the old harvesting equipment and wooden elevators, but I think the real value is in seeing how our commitment to Canadian producers and the grain sector hasn’t changed.”

The film is a valuable window into another time, filmed on location in grain elevators, rail yards and terminal elevators and depicts scenes of life on the prairies in the 1950s.

Many services shown in the film remain today.  The film can be viewed at either of these two links: or •


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