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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

Finalizing the database


Barry Senft, CEO, Grain Farmers of Ontario

WE ARE TWO full years into the merger of our three heritage organizations and the final piece is now being put into place — the database.


Prior to the merger, there were three distinct databases of member information for each of the three crops. The Ontario Wheat Board worked with Eleview to maintain wheat sales information and collect license fees while both the corn and soybean boards managed their databases and license fee collection in-house. The final step in the merger process is the creation of one central database and the migration of each of the three separate databases into one.

While this work is underway, Grain Farmers of Ontario will be phoning members to verify information. We know that a number of our members live on the border between two districts and the board is committed to getting member representation as accurate as possible through GPS mapping. We also know that some of our members receive more than one magazine and we want to eliminate this duplication. Our goal is to build the most accurate member database possible to eliminate waste and increase accuracy.

Another benefit of contacting our membership individually is our ability to offer our members the service of procuring a Premises ID. A Premises ID is required in 2012 for the Risk Management Program (RMP) and at this time very few of the participants from the 2011 RMP have obtained an ID for 2012. Grain Farmers of Ontario is concerned that a low participation rate will send the wrong message to the government about our commitment to the program at a time when changes to the program are imminent. For this reason, our organization is offering to assist with this process when we are on the phone confirming the information for the new database.

Please help our efforts over the next few months by providing as much information as possible to our staff when they call. All information will be kept strictly confidential unless you agree it can be shared in order to procure a Premises ID. The information you provide will be extremely helpful in ensuring our database is accurate and efficient. Ultimately, it will save our organization time and money in the long run. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. •


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