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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

Future of Grain


Representation for oat and barley
Oat and barley producers will have the opportunity to vote on a proposal to be represented by Grain Farmers of Ontario. The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission is expected to conduct a producer expression of opinion vote in November 2014. The proposal can be read online at If you wish to receive a copy of the proposal by first class mail, please call Julie Ross (905) 945-3242 and provide your full mailing address.


In order to vote, you will need to be listed in the database of oat and barley growers. You can be sure that your farm is included by going to and clicking on the box in the lower right, “Are You Eligible to Vote?,” where you can provide your name and address. You can also call Julie Ross during business hours. 

Who are you following?
Farmers are using Twitter to stay connected and up to date with industry news. Each month, Ontario Grain Farmer magazine will highlight Twitter accounts we think you should consider following or hashtags (#) that will help you join specific conversations.

Use the hashtag #harvest14 to search for posts that will keep you up to date with the 2014 harvest in Ontario and across North America. When posting your own tweets, make sure to use this hashtag so others can follow your progress during the season.

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program (OYF) is a unique program designed to recognize farmers and farm couples who exemplify excellence in their profession. Their twitter account promotes the program and highlights activities relating to young farmers. •

The Digital Toolbox
The smartphone, tablet and computer are important tools on today’s farms. Each month, Ontario Grain Farmer magazine will highlight an app, online tool, or website that may help you in the field or in the farm office.
The Plant Management Network (PMN) is a non-profit online publishing effort whose mission is to enhance the health, management, and production of crops through quality, science-based information. It provides a mix of news, crop reports, and webcasts relating to corn, soybeans, and other crops as well as insects and diseases. Much of the content is open access (free); however, some sections of the website become subscription based after an initial open access period.


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