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Artificial intelligence in agriculture


DEERE & COMPANY, the publicly-traded corporation that manufactures John Deere brand agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment, made big news in the technology sector in September, when it agreed to purchase artificial intelligence company Blue River [Read more]

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Busting food myths

TOP TIPS FOR SPOTTING AND DEBUNKING FOOD MYTHS YVETTE D’ENTREMONT, BETTER  known as the SciBabe, is a popular science blogger who tackles hoaxes and anti-science fads on the Internet. Last year, her feud with another [Read more]


Resources for plant health

NEW APPS AND E-BOOKS AVAILABLE FOR FARMERS ONTARIO GRAIN FARMER readers will be familiar with the recently-released Pest Manager app. Launched for iOS in May 2015 (Android and BB10 versions to be released this month), [Read more]

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Field data

NEW SOIL ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY “IN THE UNITED STATES, when you go to meetings, farmers talk about their farms by their soil types,” explains Greg Kitching, integrated solutions consultant at Premier Equipment in Elmira, ON. Kitching, [Read more]


Early-season nitrogen test

A LOW-COST WAY TO DETERMINE YOUR CROP’S NEEDS FARMERS HAVE SEVERAL important decisions to make when it comes to applying nitrogen via fertilizer; primarily, they need to decide how much to apply, and when. Typically, [Read more]


Technology yields results

A LOOK AT PRECISION PLANTING’S NEW TOOLS PRECISION PLANTING IS perhaps best known for their 20/20 SeedSense planting monitors, but the Tremont, Illinois-based agricultural technology company also produces a full line of mechanical planting equipment. [Read more]