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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

GFO Newsletter for May/June 2012


2013 Young Leaders Being Sought
Grain Farmers of Ontario will soon be accepting applications for the 2013 American Soybean Association and DuPont Young Leader Program. Grain Farmers of Ontario will sponsor one couple or individual from Ontario to participate in this training opportunity.


The goal of the program is to train the next generation of leaders for the North American soybean industry.

The 2013 class of Young Leaders and their spouses will participate in a challenging and educational leadership experience at Pioneer headquarters in Johnston, Iowa in the winter. The training will be completed next February in Kissimmee, Florida at the Commodity Classic.

All young Ontario soybean growers are encouraged to apply. If you would like to apply, contact Valerie Gilvesy at the Grain Farmers of Ontario office at 226-979-5581 or at

The deadline for applications is early August 2012. Check and watch for our Bottom Line E-Newsletter for more details and application information as it becomes available.

Your Grain Farmers of Ontario Team
Our next installment of profiles includes two new directors Kevin Armstrong and Colin Elliott. Check out their profiles at

Let us market your wheat
Grain Farmers of Ontario offers competitive marketing strategies to our producers. Call our Marketing Department for current bids, contracting, or to obtain more information about what we can do for you.

You can also get our daily closing bids in the evenings by calling PriceLine. We would like to hear from you. Give us a call today.

Marketing Department: (800) 265-0550                PriceLine: (800) 943-2809

New road safety webpage
Ontario farmers rely on public roads during planting and harvest times to transport the equipment they need to do their job. Grain Farmers of Ontario recognizes there are many avoidable and serious accidents each year in our province involving farm machinery on public roads and there is a gap in communication of safe practices.

In Ontario, driver education requires learning about slow moving vehicles, but does not incorporate information specific to farm machinery on public roads. Farm safety groups focus on on-farm practices, rather than road safety tips for the public.

Grain Farmers of Ontario is providing rural road safety information for both farm vehicle operators and the general public to increase awareness of the seasonality of farm equipment on public roads, and to clarify expectations and rules for everyone who uses Ontario’s rural roadways. Grain Farmers of Ontario’s goal is to make public roads safer for both farmers and the general public across the province.

On April 2nd, Grain Farmers of Ontario launched a new webpage with safety guidelines at This is part of Grain Farmers of Ontario’s 2012 road safety campaign, which will also utilize rural radio, rural newspapers, and farmer meetings to spread the information.

NAOSH (North American Occupational Safety and Health) Week May 6-12, 2012
This year NAOSH will be holding their annual health and safety awareness week from May 6, 2012 to May 12, 2012 to promote better health and safety practises in the workplace and eliminate possible injuries, illnesses and death to Ontario workers. 

A free workshop has been designed for farm, greenhouse and winery owners, managers, supervisors and workers. For more information visit •


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