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Estimating yield

GREAT LAKES GRAIN PREDICTS 157 BUSHEL CORN AND 45 BUSHEL SOYBEANS The results are in and according to Great Lakes Grain, farmers can expect corn to come in at 157 bushels per acre and soybeans [Read more]


Cropside: Bugs in bins


QUALITY MANAGEMENT DOESN’T STOP AT HARVEST with wheat already in the bin and corn and soybeans coming in soon, managing grain in bins to maintain quality should be top of mind for farmers. Here are [Read more]

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Future of grain

Future of Grain

HIGHLIGHTING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN GRAIN PRODUCTION AND UTILIZATION New seed applied fungicide available Researchers at Syngenta say the recently developed seed treatment known as Sedaxane appears to be a particularly effective tool against the [Read more]

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Research Roundup

— New advances in winter wheat breeding Samantha Beattie The wait for the perfect wheat has been substantially shortened. Dr. Duane Falk from the University of Guelph has developed a winter wheat type that does [Read more]

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In the news

In the news

NEWS BITES THAT MATTER Harvest survey well underway Grain Farmers of Ontario’s annual wheat harvest survey is up and running and so far, the results seem to indicate good general test weights. This survey provides [Read more]