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Ontario Grain Farmer Magazine is the flagship publication of Grain Farmers of Ontario and a source of information for our province’s grain farmers. 

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DuPont Pioneer 2013 Ontario Corn Yield Challenge winners
DuPont Pioneer has announced the winners of its fourth annual Ontario Corn Yield Challenge (OCYC). The 11 seed growers with top-performing Pioneer® brand hybrids accepted their awards, networked, and shared agronomic practices with contestants and their guests at an awards event in January.


A record 453 growers from across Ontario took on the challenge this year. The 11 winners represent different maturities across Ontario and while there is no overall winner because of the differences in heat unit regions, the highest yield attained was 327.1 bushels/acre by Randy Vandeheede of Simcoe, growing Pioneer® brand hybrid P1184.

The complete list of winners :
• Chris Schouten (Richmond, Ont.): 228 bu/ac, P9675AMX
• Randy Vandeheede (Simcoe, Ont.): 327.1 bu/ac, P1184.
• Dean and Rylan Foster (Picton, Ont.): 276.9 bu/ac, P0474HR
• Corey Yake (Stouffville, Ont.): 272.4 bu/ac, P9910XR
• Peter Harvey (Cookstown, Ont.): 245.3 bu/ac, P0094AM
• Mark Eddy (Paris, Ont.): 250.2 bu/ac, P9807HR
• Joe Lacey (Thedford, Ont.): 306.4 bu/ac, P0216HR
• The late John Barendregt (Union, Ont.): 272.3 bu/ac, 35F50AM
• Dave Arand (Atwood, Ont.): 251 bu/ac, P9910XR
• Jim Soetemans (Watford, Ont.): 310.4 bu/ac, P0216HR
• Hugh Whaley (Harrow, Ont.): 291.2 bu/ac, P0987XR

All 11 winners of the OCYC receive a trip for two to the Commodity Classic in San
Antonio, Texas – Feb. 27 – March 1, 2014.

Valent and Nufarm expand alliance in Canada
Valent Canada Inc. recently announced that Nufarm Agriculture Inc. has been appointed the exclusive distributor of Fierce™ herbicide in Canada. Fierce herbicide, containing new chemistry Group 15 (pyroxasulfone) with proven chemistry Group 14 (flumioxazine), was registered for Canadian soybeans in January.

Fierce offers a residual and broadest spectrum weed control in both glyphosate-tolerant and IP/conventional soybeans in Eastern Canada. “To maximize soybean yield potential, growers require a product that controls tough grass and broadleaf weeds and provides lasting residual control,” says Blair Bossuyt, Nufarm’s Eastern Canadian sales manager. Fierce offers Canadian soybean growers an innovative weed control solution that doubles as an effective tool for resistance management.

Todd Younghans, Country Manager for Valent Canada, says the two companies are committed to working together to provide customers with products that protect and enhance crops and improve profitability for growers. “The strategic alliance between Valent and Nufarm in Canada began with the distribution agreement for Valtera™ herbicide in 2011,” says Younghans. “We’ve seen success with this collaboration ever since, and we anticipate the value we will bring to customers in the future with the launch of Fierce. Our customers have a proven product to help them battle against tough broadleaf and grass weeds in their soybean crops.”

Water Resource Symposium March 6
Farm & Food Care, in partnership with the University of Guelph, is pleased to be supporting a symposium featuring results from the Water Resource Adaptation and Management Initiative (WRAMI) of 2013.

The results of several WRAMI projects will be released at the event on March 6, 2014 at the Holiday Inn in Guelph. The symposium will feature talks from nine WRAMI participants and partners and a poster display session. The keynote address will be given by Chris Kinsley, Manager of the Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre.

If you have an interest in water saving and conservation programs, practices, and technologies, you should plan to attend this forum. The program will be of special interest to students, researchers, extension professionals, and agronomists.

Registration is only $15.00 for the entire conference. Register at https://2014

WRAMI is an 18-month (2013-2014) program which has allocated approximately $900,000 to various demonstration and pilot scale projects. The objective of the WRAMI initiative is to help Ontario farmers be better prepared for low water response, drought preparedness and adapt their water use practices to deal with the growing impacts of climate change. Details on all WRAMI projects, the symposium, and call for posters are available by clicking on the Environment button at


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